Frequently Asked Questions

Will it fit my handlebars?
Will it fit my phone & case?
Will it fit my bike?
Will it fit my VanMoof?
Will it fit my stem?
Can I use it for mountain biking?
How strong is Loop?

Loop will fit any round bars between 22.2mm (7/8") and 31.8mm (1 1/4"). This range includes all standard bar sizes.

Generally speaking - if your bars are round - it should fit.

We would recommend checking that you have space for your phone (in landscape format) on your bars before purchasing.

Loop fits all mainstream smart phones, including extra large 6.5" or 7" phones like the iphone Max or Samsung Galaxy Ultra series. See our specifications for more info.

However, sorry but ultra-rugged, military style cases (eg Otterbox Defender or Lifeproof cases) are too thick for Loop Mount.

It is really hard for us to comment on individual bike setups - but we would recommend checking two things:

1. Do you have round bars in the size range?

2. Do you have space for a phone to sit on your bars without clashing with anything?

We've been asked this question frequently. The answer from our customers is yes - although the unusual size of the bars sometimes means it needs an extra shim to fit. We can happily send you one if you email us at

Loop will fit some bike stems - usually thinner quill style stems. Larger Ahead style stems are usually 35mm diameter and very often not round so don't fit.

No sorry - Loop is designed for road cycling - it's probably not the right mount for you if you're riding off-road.

Loop is designed to have a very strong clamp on your phone - the force is between 1.5kg and 3kg (3-6lbs) depending on your exact phone size.