Frequently Asked Questions

52mm - 2" Diameter / 30mm - 1 3/16" Wide. Weight - 117g / 4oz

The Loop Mount Twist has had over 200 hours of testing with extensive attention taken to its durability in all normal uses. We've improved the way it grips your phone and now has 3kgs of grip force. We’ve also sold over 25,000 mounts, that’s a lot of happy customers.

In the box you get: 1 x Loop Mount Twist 2 x screws 3 x Small shim's 1 x Medium shim 1 x Large shim 1 x Allen Key **Additional accessories are sold separately.

It is really hard for us to comment on individual bike setups - but we would recommend checking two things: 1. Do you have round bars in the size range? 2. Do you have space for a phone to sit on your bars without clashing with anything?

No, it unfortunately will not fit these style bars, even with the accessory. Loop Mount Twist is intended for round handlebars and stems. But our new accessory does allow it to fit a wider range of bikes and bars. However, this won’t allow it to fit on flat aero style bars.

It will fit your stem or top tube, it will fit any circular tube between 22.2mm to 31.8mm - that's 7/8" to 1 1/4". The elastomer shims are able to help smooth out any off-circular shapes as long as fairly subtle. The new Oversize Adapter will help it fit more obscure shapes and sizes.

Loop fits all mainstream smart phones, including extra large 6.5" or 7" phones like the iphone Max or Samsung Galaxy Ultra series. See our specifications for more info. However, sorry but ultra-rugged, military style cases (eg Otterbox Defender or Lifeproof cases) are too thick for Loop Mount. We also can't guarantee that a case with a pop socket on the back, will fit. Loop is designed primarily for phones and cases less than 14.5mm 9/16” in thickness.

Each mount now comes with 3 small shims, which will allow it to fit to a VanMoof. If for any reason you're still unsure, then the option for the Oversize Adapter is also there.

Yes, if you have a straight bar Brompton, you can just purchase a standard Loop Mount Twist. If your Brompton is one with the “M/H” style handlebars, then you will need one of the Brompton accessories available.

Loop is designed for road riding. We have tested it successfully using a gravel bike for some off-road riding. Although it is very strong - we wouldn’t recommend it for extreme off-road riding. There are some great products out there aimed at these extreme use cases.